Top 8 Best Games For Parties

An effective party game must capture and keep people’s attention, so it should be easy-to-play and engaging enough for any number of people. Games such as Cards Against Humanity can provide hours of laughter. Herd Mentality offers even more humorous banter.

That’s You

Wish Studios and Sony have created That’s You as an exciting party game that uses your smart device to connect with a console. Players answer humorous, awkward or provocative questions by selecting selfies or photos as answers on their smart device. As more questions and photos are selected by both you and your teammates, the more points will accrue for this round. There are even Jokers available if you feel lucky! That’s You is an engaging party game for PlayStation users that features a pleasant narrator, various settings and personalized questions – an essential combination for an engaging party experience. PlayStation Plus subscribers are currently eligible to get this fantastic deal for free.

Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples is an enjoyable card game perfect for sharing among groups of friends or family. It is fast paced and inexpensive; featuring red and green cards to create hilarious comparisons for the judge to select from. There are various variations, such as an apple crate edition and bible version which adds religious themes. Though Apples to Apples is great fun when played among friends around a table, its performance on XBLA falls short, especially given that there are other more mechanically sound games out there that take the player judge and card czar concept much further. Still, if your group enjoys Apples to Apples but can’t meet in person then its digital version should definitely be checked out; Mattel typically includes additional expansion cards with each core box purchased from them!


Scrawl is an amusing game that highlights our less than stellar art skills. Starting with an entertaining phrase like, ‘A Monkey Knife Fight’ or, ‘A Haunted Oven’, each player must draw their interpretation before passing it along to another. By the time it reaches you again, things have gone disastrously wrong! Points are awarded for any inaccurate drawings or guesses which go horribly awry; ultimately the funniest person wins! Family versions accommodate up to six players while Adult versions can accommodate eight. Both come equipped with player boards, blank scrawl sheets, score cards, bulldog clips with cloths for wiping, and bulldog clips with cloths for wiping. It’s an ideal game for groups willing to relax and let go a bit; provided pens may be slightly thin but alternative ones that wipe clean will do just as well.

Herd Mentality

At its core, this social deduction family game involves herding for points. One player serves as Question Wrangler and reads out questions that range from “Would you prefer robotic arms or legs?” to “Is full-fat milk superior to skimmed or semi-skimmed milk?”. Players write down their answers anonymously; if theirs are the majority, they win cows; however if yours differ from them you receive the dreaded Pink Cow and cannot win until someone passes it along! Herd Mentality, by Big Potato Games – known for party and group games such as Obama Llama, Chameleon and now Herd Mentality – is an innovative new 2020 game worth adding to any games night’s repertoire. This straightforward yet engaging board game encourages conversation while being very reasonably priced; making this an essential addition for any collection!

Pinch ’n’ Pass

Clash with your opponents and the buzzer in this quick-thinking category game! Steal cards from opponents by answering each category before the buzzer goes off; or pass cards hot-potato style by passing to another player who must respond within one round – categories include ‘Famous Actors, Pizza Toppings, Breeds of Dog’; perfect for parties, families and friends! Complete with board, spinner, tokens ‘head to head’ tokens counters & 2 packs of cards!


Jackbox Party Pack series returns with another installment! Quiplash is enjoyable to play and while its final round may not live up to what was seen in its predecessor, it still makes for an amazing game experience. Champ’d Up adds its own creative twist to drawing game gameplay while Blather Round works well too. Quiplash is an interactive board game where players receive prompts that two other players (and an audience, if playing using a streaming room code) see. Players then provide humorous responses that they believe will generate votes; then all three players and audience vote on which answers were funnier; the winner receives bonus points! Designed for 3-8 players; includes an extended DLC Quip Pack 1 that contains 100 more prompts plus family friendly (X) options on select prompts plus US/global toggle for gameplay options

Champ’d Up

Pin the Tail on the Donkey is an adult party game designed for 18+ audiences that is both simple and a great way to drink beer! Each player takes turns trying to pin the donkey’s tail onto its spot using ping-pong balls; whoever accomplishes this first wins a beer prize! This hilarious dinner party icebreaker is an ideal way to get acquainted with new people while having a lot of fun! Each player puts their name and an absurd word or phrase into separate bowls before trying to weave both into conversation with the others at the table without getting caught. Jackbox Party Pack 7 brings together four highly entertaining board games: Quiplash 3, Devils and the Details, Champ’d Up and Talking Points. Each of these includes its own physical card deck featuring champions you and your friends have created while playing in video form.

Blather Round

Blather Round is the latest entry into Jackbox Party Pack’s two-player game lineup and requires creative and quick thinking from its players to succeed. Similar to charades, each player chooses an inspiration or prompt that can include places, stories or people they encounter during play – for example a place name, story topic or person – before using fixed sentences and any helpful hints from fellow players to try and describe it correctly using fixed sentences and hint words from others. Those who successfully describe their prompt get points as do those providing helpful clues. Blather Round stands out in the Party Pack 7 as being an enjoyable remote play experience, providing plenty of laughs while competing with your friends in a guessing game! Enjoy!  

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