The Best Party Games For Kids in 2023

Kids love games that allow them to exercise their motor skills and run around freely, engaging multiple parts of their brain and keeping them engaged during sitting-down party games. Toddlers love this classic fun game in which they dance to music and, when it stops, must remain as still as possible until instructed otherwise; the last person left standing is eliminated.

1. Fishing Relay

Engaging kids by having them follow instructions can be an excellent way to keep them captivated, particularly when working in large groups. Choose one player as the leader and have them demonstrate different gestures or movements that everyone must copy; any mistakes must be corrected immediately so the next person can become leader. This game can be enjoyed by people of all ages and can be played both indoors and outdoors, making it perfect for use during rainstorms. With an animal theme to make the experience even more immersive. Due to its highly competitive nature, this one would work better with older children.

2. Hula Hoop Race

Spread hula hoops across an activity area and encourage children to run through, over, and under them like dolphins swimming—the first team that gets all of its players through wins! Toddlers may become bored playing traditional pass the parcel games, but this twist on them is sure to spark their laughter! A host or fellow adult acts as “The Wolf”, standing at one end of a room or garden and turning their back towards children as each child gets a sack with hands inside it from The Wolf.

3. Water Balloon Race

Set up hula-hoop targets and let children try throwing water balloons into them to energise the game without needing prizes as rewards—the closer to the target they come, the more points they win! This game is perfect for older kids, ages six and above. Teams of two compete to complete an obstacle course while holding onto their water balloons under their chins as part of an obstacle race course challenge. Stickers make great prizes for this one! The last team to finish wins! Don’t miss this fun way of getting everyone wet.

4. Ping-Pong Race

Children pair up and try to fill a paper cup as quickly as possible within one minute with as many marshmallows as they can! The first team to fill their cup wins! Play the classic board game Mother May I with kids! Appoint one child as “it” and have all other children form a line before them; when the music stops, any child without a chair is out! Create an exciting twist by dividing kids into two teams and assigning odd and even numbers. Next, have them find cones with numbers printed on them; the team with more points wins!

5. Snail on the Trail

This exciting outdoor game is great for large spaces where kids can spread out and search for various toy animals placed throughout the area, akin to a scavenger hunt with some added competition! A fun party game for children of all ages! A fresh take on traditional pin the tail on the donkey, this activity involves hanging a large picture of an untailed donkey onto a wall, with players standing in pairs to attempt moving its tail from one end of the picture to the other end.

6. Face Painting

Toddlers will enjoy this simple game to relax them before eating their party food. Place an assortment of objects on a kitchen tray and encourage children to look at it for 30 seconds, then record all that they see. Stickers make for great prizes—one of the best non-competitive toddler and preschool games!

7. Balloon Pop

This classic party game can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. All that is necessary for playing this timeless classic is a ball and some willing participants. One person, known as “it”, stands in the centre and throws the ball with precision towards one of several target areas; anyone hit is out; only those still standing will win! Arrange a selection of small items on a kitchen tray and give each child a pencil and paper. After 30 seconds have passed, have them take another look at it while writing down what they remember from it; those who recall the most correct items will win!

8. Dollar Bill Treasure Hunt

Kids love engaging in activities that foster social-emotional development. Additionally, they find pleasure in playful play, which helps develop executive function skills. This classic game can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors at home or at children’s party venues. The first child to reach “Mother” and tap her wins. It is non-competitive fun that works well for children aged five years or up; stickers make great prizes—cheap yet sugar-free!

9. Slip and Slide

Played in rounds, this classic party game is an entertaining way to raise laughs indoors or outdoors; the player with the highest score wins! Place a variety of items on a kitchen tray and blindfold one child, then have them explore them using touch. Write down what items they remember as being present on the tray; the winner is determined by who can correctly list the most items. Kids love this exciting, competitive game—perfect for older children as well! Just be sure to add in noncompetitive games for the younger ones too.

10. Balloon Pop Tag

Capture the Flag is an engaging camping party or summer picnic game utilising just a balloon and an instrument. Players divide into teams of two, assign each a colour, and one player from each team becomes “it” during three minutes to try and tag members of the opposing team with balloon tags. Create teams of children and give each team a set of coloured balloons and chairs. On “go,” players rush to grab their balloon and sit on its chair until it pops, which may take several seconds. The last team still holding onto an intact balloon wins!

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