An effective party game must capture and keep people’s attention, so it should be easy-to-play and engaging enough for any number of people. Games such as Cards Against Humanity can provide hours of laughter. Herd Mentality offers even more humorous banter. That’s You Wish Studios and Sony have created That’s You as an exciting party game that uses your smart device to connect with a console. Players answer humorous, awkwardRead More →

One big question which is being asked around the world is whether gaming is becoming more accessible around the world. This question is being asked because now more than ever there are increasing numbers of gamers and people purchasing gaming systems. Its likely that this has come about due to many older gaming platforms and games dropping price as well as gaming breaking into mainstream media in many respects. WasRead More →

In this modern world of video games and technology, blue light blocking glasses for gamers are very important. While there certainly are many different types of blue light blocking glasses for sale on the market today, there also are products designed especially with gamers in mind. The top video gaming glasses all have some common benefits: Reduce blue light exposure to the eyes, reducing eye fatigue and disrupting melatonin productionRead More →