Popular eSport Games

The eSports, or electronic sports, won millions of fans around the world and its competitions already fill cinemas and football stadiums through which, as with the World League of Legends.

The success is so much that in South Korea, for example, the sport has been recognized since the year 2000 and some still claim that they need to be part of the Olympic games. In addition, players are real celebrities, who are sponsored and travel the world.

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We have listed four popular eSport modalities around the world.

  • Football As in sports, Football has also gained fame in eSports. With pro players that are worth real fortunes, FIFA is the one that gets the most prominence in football games, alongside PES . There is still no World competition for this modality, but it has several local championships that pay very high prizes.
  • Fight Martial arts are also represented in eSports, especially for games account as Ultra Street Fighter 4 , Tekken 7 and Mortal Kombat X. Competitors in this sport can take advantage of the EVO, Evolution Championship Series, international championship with high prizes and extravagant sponsorships.
  • Shooting In Brazil, Counter-Strike became a fever among young people. So much so that lan houses across the country have seen their capacity sell out and eSports have emerged as a trend among Brazilians.
  • With a world championship and teams recognized by players from all over the world, the success of the game was so great that it yielded even a guide on its strategies, the Counter-Strike Unraveled.

  • Strategy games Among the eSport modalities, strategy games are the ones that most fill stadiums and pay in prizes. The RPG gained so many fans in Brazil that the company needed to build a local server to handle the volume of accesses.

In addition, like Counter-Strike, as it is popularly recognized among eSport players, also had a Definitive Guide to League of Legends. It is also possible to purchase the game’s Prepaid card to use to purchase equipment and supplies for the most played game in the world, with more than 1.3 billion hours.

If you want to become an eSport professional, take the opportunity to acquire how to be a Professional Gamer and discover how League of Legends can become a profession.