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change your Wired Headphones

The current state of the Bluetooth Headphones not how to cherish their own use, more than six months to use the situation, all at home, basically did not wear out, the small bag attached to the headset or new. Of course, I have always wanted to buy a QC35 recently. I don't care much about using it, and I can't wait for it to end.

Of course, its purpose is that I plug into the computer to play games and songs with the usual typing, the advantage is that the price is cheap, do not feel bad, but in fact there is a benefit that is not ear noise reduction, that is, sound insulation In general, if my dad at home shouted at me, she would not be able to hear it. Of course sometimes listening to music is loud, or can't hear it. My mother-in-law usually calls me.

There aren’t many boys who are so diligent in my family (nonsense). My sisters are holding on.

Contrast the sponge inside the Wired Headphones, in fact, the Wired Headphones sound quality is still somewhat related to the sponge inside the earmuffs. I think the buyer commented that the differences between the Bose original earmuffs and the non-original ones are still very big. Many of them only changed the outer protein skin and used the original sponge.

Although Hair Twist Sponge can be seen to have a certain difference from the naked eye, there are some differences between soft and hard, but if you spend some time, the sponge also sucks some grease and should not be distinguished.

The original earmuffs have worn away.

The demolition of the earmuffs is very easy to demolition, and direct violence will collapse. We must make great efforts to make a miracle.

Why there are oil immersions in the stickers, three possibilities. One is that the sticker has taken a long time and the glue has changed. There is also a kind of water that is not absorbed in the head and sucked in. The last one is the head oil and the face oil.

Taobao sells a plastic plate inside, and the seller says it is convenient for fixing and is not easily deformed, so that the earmuffs are not easily damaged. Of course, you can directly install it, or you can remove it yourself.

Pineapple circle. I did not change the original sponge, because I smelled, because the sponge sucks a lot of grease, there are hair on the face, there is a taste of honey, so use it new. Jellyfish original small sponge.

Although the installation is simple, it is still very difficult to install.

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