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Bluetooth headsets of various brands

Bluetooth is the standard equipment for the 21st century. As early as the 1.0 era, there were Bluetooth headsets. However, even in the current 4.0 era, Bluetooth audio protocol has been in the stay phase, using the A2DP protocol. Since A2DP protocol limits the bandwidth, the audio device to get synchronized audio signal is received, it must be compressed, encoded.
At present, there are three common decoding schemes, Aptx, SBC, and AAC.

SBC belongs to the first generation of audio decoding solutions and currently focuses on AAC and APTX. Both of these agreements were upgraded from the SBC. AAC is the decoding scheme used mainly by Apple devices, and APTX is a new type of protocol promoted by CSR, claiming to be a wireless-grade lossless CD sound quality. Theoretically, all audio devices with Bluetooth 4.0 chips support the APTX protocol. However, if you want to enter this circle, manufacturers need to pay CSR authorization. Therefore, although Apple's mobile phone is Bluetooth 4.0, it still adopts the AAC protocol. Of course, the use of aptx requires both the transmitter and the receiver to support both. For a simple example, you bought a speaker that supports APTX, but the audio source is from Apple, but Apple does not support APTX, so the sound coming out of the speaker is actually played by AAC. Want to know their own equipment and headset support does not support APTX, you can visit their official website.
"100 yuan"
Millet Wireless Bluetooth Headphones & QCY qy19S

The hundred-dollar stall is the most basic price point. Considering the limitations of price and other factors, it really belongs to the level of listening. Millet's "Mami" and "Accessories" all do a good job. Xiaomi's Bluetooth Headset is also used by me. It's mainly about driving and walking dogs. The call effect is clear and satisfactory. Listening to songs means that you have a piece of music in your ear. QCY is a rising star. With the ultra-high performance-to-price ratio of "100 don'ts," sales are also very good on Tmall. Dad likes walking in the morning and buys him a QCY.
"300 yuan"
Meizu EP51

Although I am not a kerosene, but this Bluetooth headset is good in the 300 yuan file price, the main sports and fitness (waterproof), personally feel that the street is not so unexpected. Bluetooth 4.0+EDR is adopted, APTX technology is supported, ios and Android support wire-controlled music, and the battery life is about 6 hours. Listening feel personally feel law-abiding, low-frequency is enough, that is, we often say that the "move times hit times" sound effects , taking into account the majority of outdoor use of Bluetooth headset scene, listening to dynamic songs is still good.
"500 yuan"
LG HBS-900

LG Sports Anc Bluetooth Headset were done very early, when everyone did not fancy this market, they launched the HBS-730&800, this collar-style design can be said to be unique style. The HSB-900 has a better look, supports Bluetooth 3.0 and Harman/Kardon audio technology, intelligent noise reduction, retractable wire design allows people to avoid the worries of wire winding, you can connect two devices at the same time. The sound effect is also improved compared to the previous 800. Of course, the user who buys the most is still the girl, and can be a good decoration, and it is not as easy to lose as other Bluetooth headsets .
"1000 RMB"
Jabra Pulse

Although the official price is still 1599 yuan, in fact, the real market price has already fallen below 1,000 yuan. The best advantage is to support real-time heart rate, which can be better exercised in the specified heart rate range. Since the 14-year purchase, this headset has helped me lose 20 pounds. Later, I maintained my body shape by relying on it.

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