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Bluetooth headset functional


Bluetooth Headset can be divided into: Anc Bluetooth Headsetcall type, video type, sports type, noise reduction type
Different design orientations determine different design requirements for the headset. For example,
Bluetooth Headset with the main call function is generally a monaural design. At the same time, it is required to be able to connect multiple devices, and has a good noise reduction function and a function of reporting telephone numbers and short messages.
A large part of headphones that emphasize sound quality are head-mounted designs, which are more boring in summer.
Sports Bluetooth Headset require high waterproofness and stability.
The low-end earphones are limited to price factors and generally only meet one or two functional requirements. High-end earphones can take into account multiple functional requirements. The following description will be based on different functional positioning. Due to limited space and personal ability, it is impossible to introduce all the headphones one by one. Here, I can only select the earphones that I think are more representative and I have used in each price range to introduce them. I hope to help newcomers choose Bluetooth headsets. .
PS: Bluetooth headset uses Bluetooth technology and wifi, Bluetooth mouse is to go 2.4G frequency band, mutual interference is more serious, so for the promotion of the Bluetooth range, look like, do not have to be careful, usually a room with little problem, partition The effect depends on the environmental interference and communication distance.
PS2: For security reasons, try not to use headphones, or make phone calls or listen to songs while moving in public.
PS3: Bluetooth headset does not need to consider the radiation problem, the general use of the transmission power is 1mW, instead of worrying about Bluetooth radiation, it is better to worry about the sun possible skin cancer, the sun's radiation than most of the Bluetooth.
Call type
This type of headset is generally less effective for listening to music because of functional positioning and price issues, but it is better than many expensive music or Sports Headphones. It does not matter if the call type headset supports Apt-X, and it is not a major consideration for selection. These earphones are generally classified into a monaural type and a neckband type, and the neckband-type battery life is generally prominent. However, in the case of sweating in summer, the comfort is poor, and the monaural type of battery life is relatively short. On the Bluetooth version, the Bluetooth 4.0 version has been greatly improved in power saving. The 4.1 version is mainly aimed at wearable devices and has little impact on the headset, so it does not need to pursue the latest Bluetooth technology. In this kind of earphone, the individual compares and recommends the Plantronics legend, the endurance, the noise reducing effect, the call clearness and so on performance all to be very good.
The entry models recommend millet's Bluetooth headset. For this price point, things are doing very well, but compared with the legend, the gap is still obvious. This site has more drying orders, and interested parties can look for themselves. Individuals are not very fond of this way of wearing (refer to the official map below), and they tend to be more legendary. They have better stability and comfort.

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