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Esports, or simply esport, is a generic term referring to any form of competitive gaming. The most common types of esport around the world include overwatch (espouses versus servers), bet-systems (matchup betting), ladder (ladders are fixed throughout a match), and spectator mode (for viewing the live action). Although some organizations treat all esport competitions as the same, there are still many different variations of esport. Competitive gaming has become incrediblyRead More →

live streaming setup

Live Streaming these days have become much easier just like the Twitch live streaming site than the highest viewership rate of any other live streaming platform. This article tries to teach you how to go live on your channel while playing your video games. The live streaming is mainly done by the key players who get the advanced copies of the game and try to show how they feel aboutRead More →


The eSports, or electronic sports, won millions of fans around the world and its competitions already fill cinemas and football stadiums through which, as with the World League of Legends. The success is so much that in South Korea, for example, the sport has been recognized since the year 2000 and some still claim that they need to be part of the Olympic games. In addition, players are real celebrities,Read More →

future of streaming

Try to turn your mind back to 2009. Would you believe it if someone said that a person could become a millionaire playing video games? Maybe not, but the “video game player” profession has gained a lot of strength in the last ten years, in multiple aspects. First, we have the world of streamers and Youtubers. They are people who have conquered legions of fans for nothing more, nothing lessRead More →